Kawasaki Z1R Promotional Motorcycle Poster - Size A2 19.5 x 22 inches


Kawasaki Z1R Motorcycle Poster Print 

Slightly bigger than Size A2  - 50cm (w) X 56cm (h) which is 19.5 inches (w) x 22 inches (h)

Frame Not Included

I have placed a piece of a paper over the image to protect the ladies innocence, this will not be their on the print you will receive.

This is copy of a promotional poster produced for the Kawasaki Z1R

I have the original and had it professionally scanned and printed, you can't tell the difference, the reproduction is incredible. 

So the poster advertised is on new paper but shows all the related wear and tear that you would expect to see on a 44 year old poster. It is genuinely hard to tell the difference between the old and new.

I personally think it looks great! It has all the character of an age related poster but it won't fall apart in your hands!

Ships in a sturdy protective tube




If you would like us to create a poster of your own motorcycle in the format displayed then please send us a photograph and we will make it up for you. We will then add it to our gallery of pictures so you can buy it!

Please note our pictures are A3 and we need reasonable size photos because of this, please send photos which are approx. 1400 x 1000.